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I think we need a filter to exclude some phrases.  Right now, we only can choose bewteen a % or quantity of words.  I have to choose 1%.  But I always get the University name and the name of the master.  I need to exclude this:

"Universidad Internacional de La Rioja" and this "Máster universitario en Ingeniería de Software y Sistemas Informáticos".  This are on every page, and every file.

What do you think or suggest?

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  • Hi  Hugo Zaldaña ! Thank you so much for this valuable feedback-- I agree: a filter option would help educators immensely on their grading. I've forwarded your great suggestion to our product team, so they can look to integrate your idea into their planning for future changes.

    If you have any other ideas that might support efficiency, feel free to reach out to the product team directly ( pmg-feature-request@turnitin.com ) and/or our support team with specific questions within our software ( tiisupport@turnitin.com ).

    Thanks for being a Turnitin advocate!


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    • Audrey Campbell Hi Andrey. Thank you.  

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  • (Additionally, iThenticate does allow for specific phrase exclusions (in the text report). I'm not sure what the overall scenario is with your institution, but that's the easiest way to get this sort of functionality out of Turnitin services today!)

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    • Audrey Campbell Thank you.  In UNIR we only use Turtintin.  I will let them know about iThenticate 

      Best regards



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  • Hello All,

    I am new to the site.  Please explain how to submit a paper for review?

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      • Gill Rowell
      • Education Manager, Turnitin
      • Gill_Rowell
      • 9 mths ago
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      Talya Huntley Are you looking to submit a paper for review to Turnitin?

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  • The similarity index only shows you which parts are similar. As the instructor, you decide whether the similarity is problematic or not. My students routinely use direct quotations in their papers and those are often highlighted, but if they are quoted and cited correctly, I obviously don't penalize my students for plagiarism. 

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  • Hi  Brenda Morris  .  Thanks for your reply.  Yes, indeed.  The problem is when you have a thesis with 100 pages with the header "name of the institution" and the "study program".  And as you can guess, the "name of the institution" and the "study program" are in several pages, and in several papers. 
    And you have to go one by one  to exclude them, in every similarity reference, because they are not plagiarims.  Every time they do a new submit, in every thesis you have to check.  

    Best regards.

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  • But why do you have to exclude them? Can't you just ignore them? I look at the similarity report and decide whether there is a problem. If there is no problem, then I don't pay any more attention to the similarity report. I feel no obligation to trick Turnitin into not highlighting things. Who is forcing you to do this? Is there some requirement that the similarity index read 0%?

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    • Brenda Morris Hugo Zaldaña - I'd agree with Brenda; I also point out to staff/students that 0% is actually pretty unlikely - English has quite a few common phrases & to have never used anything anyone else has used before is unexpected ... 
      If you don't want to exclude phrases less than x% or y words, could you still rely on just looking at longer sections of similarity - and ignore the shorter ones? 

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      • Kathy Williams
      • Texas A&M University
      • Kathy_Williams
      • 6 mths ago
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      Emma Duke-Williams But it's definitely not impossible! Every semester I have to convince instructors that a 0% result doesn't mean a failure on Turnitin's part.

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  • Yes, I think the same. I need to exclude the index and the names of the university and faculties. In my case we have an unique official guide for the preproject bachellor thesis, so every student must to use this guide, which include the same index for every preproject thesis. 

    An option for exclude this index will help me so much.


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