Tribal Knowledge? Enrollment Key = Class Name

Why are there 2 terms for the same thing?  This causes confusion with my students every year.  Login requires class id and enrollment key.  Teachers page has no reference to enrollment key but it does give a class name.  Through tribal knowledge I know enrollment key = class name,  so I give the student the class name knowing it is the same as the enrollment key.  This is madness.  Why doesn't turnitin change it to one or the other and not have 2 terms for the same thing?

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  • Matt Trask I'm a little puzzled by your comment as the class name and enrollment key are two distinct things, or they certainly should be! During class creation, an instructor is asked to supply a class name and enrollment key. The only restrictions of an enrollment key is that it should be a series of alphanumeric characters between 4 and 12 characters in length.

    We’d recommend that users use a random series of characters and do not display it on a public facing website.

    Please let me know if this does not answer your question.

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  • Yeah these are different things....Perhaps you or your institution have set your enrollment key to always be the same as your class name? It usually looks something like this:

    Class Name: Fall English Seminar

    Class ID: 12345678

    Enrollment Key: engl2018

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    • Kathy Williams Thanks for this very useful example!

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