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Is there a way to delete a quick mark from a quick mark set? 



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  • I've only found a way to delete your own that you've created, not those that come with it. Same as editing them (e.g to get a local URL for reference support). For the latter, I've copied the original & then edited. 

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  • Thanks. I do not seem too see how to delete the ones I have added 

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  • Jeanette Edwards You are correct. Unfortunately you cannot delete the standard Turnitin Quick Mark sets.

    Because this is an opportunity for our team to learn more about how you use Quick Marks, could you tell us why you'd like to delete the standard set? What will this help you achieve? 

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    • Gill Rowell I would also like to delete irrelevant QuickMark sets. I teach college composition and I have my own set of quick marks I create for various classes and assignments; having to wade through many sets geared for middle school and high school assignments and other sets with no clear purpose (what the heck is the one labeled Sports about?) is tedious and annoying. I would like to be able to hide QuickMark sets to avoid having to do this. 

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    • Gill Rowell I'd at least like the staff to have the option to archive the default ones, so they don't have so many to choose from. There are some (e.g. the referencing one) that defaults to a generic site. If I could archive that (globally) & replace it with one with a local URL, that would be more relevant. There are others that individual staff may want to archive as they never need them. So, at 2 levels - a global archive for those where there's an equivalent local version & a personal option for those that people just know they're unlikely to ever want to use. 

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    • Emma Duke-Williams Danielle A Fouquette As you know it is not currently possible to hide or delete these generic QuickMark sets, however we are seeking feedback on this as we are aware this is an issue for some users. I would suggest, in order to make your voice heard, sending an email to tiisupport@turnitin.com with "FEEDBACK" in the subject line detailing why this is an problem for you.

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    • Gill Rowell Will do. 

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    • Gill Rowell This is a much needed feature, especially since the update in Google docs includes a very similar looking grading tool. I rarely used pre-built rubrics or quick marks. I teach writing using my own terms and language, so that is the language I use on my rubrics and in my quick marks. Having to scroll through 10 rubrics that I won't use is annoying. I don't even teach 6th - 8th grades but have to keep those quick marks in my set list. Here are some ways you could improve the grading tool, specifically quick marks:

      1. Allow teachers to link quickmark sets to rubrics. That way, when I assign a rubric to an assignment, I know those quickmarks will automatically populate. Or, allow me to hide quickmarks I am not using so that I don't have to scroll past all the quickmark sets every time I want to switch to a different set (i.e., content vs. conventions).
      2. Allow teachers to color-code quickmarks for ease of use. For instance, sometimes I have over 50 quick marks for an essay. It would be nice to color code them so I can quickly find the one I want. For example, if all content quick marks were yellow, and all convention quick marks were blue, I would be able to scroll past the yellow quickmarks when I need to find the quickmark for a comma splice.
      3. Allow quickmarks to be assigned to a criterion when they are being created. It would be nice to note that the pronoun/antecedent quickmark falls under the "conventions" criterion so that I don't have to assign it as I am grading.
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  • Thank you

    I have made my own quick mark sets and added quick marks - some are no longer relevant, or some are not relevant to another marking task and I would click to delete them (the mark not the set) in order for the set to be more manageable 

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  • sorry that should be 'like to delete them' - the quick mark that is, not the set 

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  • Dear Gill. There is I think  a misunderstanding. I do not want to delete the standard set, but merely a quick mark from a set I have created 



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    • Jeanette Edwards Hi Jeanette, I've double checked, you can only archive them. I thought I'd deleted them, but I think I have just archived the duff ones, so I no longer see them. I find it easier to go the quick mark manager from within a piece of work, rather than going directly to the QuickMark Manager - which still seems to be 'old style'. 

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    • Jeanette Edwards Apologies for the delay, yes Emma Duke-Williams is correct, you can only archive them.

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  • Thanks both for your help. Archiving them will do. Best wishes 

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  • This has just re-appeared in my inbox (thanks, Michelle for making it pop up). I've not spotted things like the Sports set, not only are they probably not overly appropriate for most subjects in Higher Education, they're even less useful in the UK, than in the US. We play (proper) football :) 

    ON a more serious note, the site I linked to earlier ( https://guides.turnitin.com/01_Manuals_and_Guides/Instructor_Guides/Feedback_Studio/17_Grading_Tools/QuickMark_Manager#Archiving_QuickMarks ) reads as if you can archive from within a set - I've just tried & it's not letting me.
    I can archive from "all" - but that's a bit of a pain, having to select all those you don't want (e.g. all of the sports ones). 
    While I can see the benefits of deleting them from "all" (you're not inadvertently archiving those that occur in 2 sets, if you use them in one of the other sets), however a popup, are you sure, x,y, & z are also in other sets would let you select the whole set - and just confirm that you really don't need "Pass the ball" anywhere. [See attached]

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  • Emma Duke-Williams Michelle Lubonski I appreciate you both highlighting this much needed feature once more, especially Michelle's list of possible suggestions. The more feedback we can pass on to the Support team the better, so please can I ask you once again to send through some of your suggestions direct to them, by emailing tiisupport@turnitin.com with the subject line FEEDBACK.

    Thanks once again!

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  • WooHoo! I see we can now hide sets of quick marks :) THat's fabulous news. 


    [Can I do this institutionally?? Or is it just for Lecturer X to hide those they'll never use?]

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