Digital Receipt and Actual Submission Time Differ

The digital receipts the student receives indicate a time stamp of 3 hours earlier than the actual submission of the paper/submission time shown in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox grade report (export) or in the Blackboard grade center. Students are submitted papers late which does show up as a late submission; however their digital receipt is indicating that the paper was submitted 3 hours earlier. Can someone tell me how to align/ensure that both of these times are the same?

Thank you

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  • Is it consistently three hours off? The time zone should be listed on the Turnitin receipt, perhaps it is not correct?

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      • Jorrdan
      • Jorrdan
      • 11 days ago
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      Kathy Williams


      Yes, it is consistently three hours off - How would I correct the time zone

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    • Jorrdan Probably check the integration settings. We use Blackboard Basic and it's all automatic but Blackboard Direct might have options for you to change. Otherwise, it may be something messed up on the TII side and you can just contact their support. 

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  • Jorrdan I think this is a question for the support team. Please email them at with specific examples of where this is occurring.

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