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  • Why doesn't Turnitin have a 24/7 800 number? The service has been lousy all week, my students have had all kinds of trouble, and they're all turning to me to provide help. When I submitted tickets to Turnitin, they took about 15 hours before answering, and then all I got was this (basically, ask the guy at your college):


    From: Turnitin Product Support <tiisupport@turnitin.com>
    Sent: Friday, September 21, 2018 6:42:51 PM
    To: Bielecki, Jana
    Subject: Turnitin Help Desk Case #00764555 - 99411 Hillsborough Community College [ ref:_00D30H14._5001W1MTQxn:ref ]


    We recently experienced a service disruption, which could have been the reason why your students were unable to submit papers to the assignment in question, however, for future reference, if there is ever an instance in which students cannot submit papers please reach out to us (Support) by creating a case, such as this one, and we will be happy to investigate further into why students are experiencing issues when attempting to upload their papers.

    The Turnitin Support team is also always here to answer questions regarding workflow functionality as it pertains to how Turnitin works in conjunction with an LMS, such as Canvas and, therefore, if you ever have inquiries regarding a feature, tool, or specific workflow that you're attempting to implement, please do feel free to run it by us first so that we can advise accordingly.

    Furthermore, I would also recommend reaching out to the listed Turnitin Administrator for your institution (Mark Lewis) if you have questions pertaining to basic functionality of how Turnitin works in conjunction with Canvas as your administrator may want to loop in the Account Manager for your institution to inquire about setting up training sessions with our Customer Success team. Most instructors who use Turnitin through an LMS do not also access their native Turnitin account (via turnitin.com) as it is typically not recommended. Apologies if you feel like this should have been more clear, however, Support is not typically involved in the first time set up of an integration or involved in the onboarding process of setting up Turnitin for the first time for an institution.

    As for the PeerMark assignment in question, if you set up the PeerMark assignment within Canvas then the process should have gone as listed within our guides page, per the below link:


    Since, per our records, some students have been able to access the assignment within Canvas and submit peer reviews, I believe this is a direct indication that the PeerMark assignment was, in fact, set up correctly within Canvas. Also, I cannot speak on behalf of Canvas Support, however, I am also not seeing a way to delete peer reviews and, therefore, if at this point you would rather reset the assignment since students have previously experienced issues, then I believe by "reset" you would essentially need to delete the current PeerMark assignment and start from scratch with another. I know this is not ideal, however, for purposes of giving your students the opportunity to try again while services are up and running without any issue, I believe this may be the best recourse.

    If, however, your students continue to receive error messages when attempting to access the assignment and/or submit their peer reviews then please reply back to this email as I would be happy to investigate each case of students not being to submit a paper and/or peer review and advise/assist as necessary.



    Turnitin Product Support

    Revolutionizing the experience of writing to learn.

    Case Type:Submitting Papers for Students-Other
    Issue Description:
    Because Turnitin was having problems Sunday and Monday, many of my students could 
    not submit their essays, so they emailed them to me. I submitted the essays for them on 
    the Turnitin website. Several of those students tell me that they cannot access their 
    submission in the Turnitin LTI to read my feedback. This often happens when I submit an 
    essay for students, so I just send them a PDF of the feedback. 

    However, I am using PeerMark for the first time this semester, and a student has told me 
    that the PeerMark assignment isn't working for her in the Canvas LTI. I am worried now that 
    none of those students whose essays I submitted will be able to use PeerMark. if students 
    have a similar problem with PeerMark, I don't know of a way that I can help them like I do 
    by sending them a PDF. That won't solve the PeerMark assignment problem. 

    Do you think the students whose essays I submitted under their names will be able to use 
    PeerMark? If not, do you know of a way that I can get around this so that they can do the 
    PeerMark assignment?
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