Separating grades from feedback - possible?


I am asking this on behalf of a lecturer:

1) Is there any way that marks on FeedbackStudio can be witheld until students have read and responded to our feedback? Any workarounds to achieve this?

2) I thought FeedbackStudio had a setting in which students were asked to reply to the feedback given, but I can't find it now; was I imagining that? 

I suspect the answer is 'no' to number 2.

For no 1 - does anyone have a potential workaround?

We are using Turnitin within a Blackboard Learn integration. As far as I know it is possible not to reveal the grades to students using the post date function. But this means that the written feedback on the assignment is also hidden to students. What they would like to achieve is that students look at the written/audio feedback BEFORE they see their mark/grade.

Or is this on the roadmap by any chance? 

Thanks for any tips,


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  • I'd love that as an option - pedagogically, it's really useful. (I've seen research in the past supporting it, and have never found any saying that it didn't work; of course, now I can't find it :( )  

    Following on from Tunde's comments, we used to have the old area where we could make product enhancement requests - where is it now? 

    • Emma Duke-Williams Yes, it would be great to have the voting option! :) 

  • I completely agree that having these functions would be really useful but, to the best of my knowledge, I don't think they exist at the moment and I haven't been able to identify any workarounds.   I guess you could not add the mark and wait for students to view their feedback before adding the marks later.  But that sounds long-winded and time consuming.  If anyone has any ideas on this, I'd be really pleased to hear about them.  Sara Marsham - any ideas?

    • Alison Graham Actually, that's made me think ... if you have the blackboard integration, you could put the feedback in TII, the grade in the grade centre, and then hide the gradecentre column, but it's still fiddly. 

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      • Alison Graham
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      Emma Duke-Williams yes, good idea, that's one way that would work.  Maybe Turnitin can work on something more streamlined...?

    • Alison Graham though of course, it's not possible if you have anonymous marking. 

      • Sara Marsham
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      • Sara_Marsham
      • 1 yr ago
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      Alison Graham I am afraid not! A colleague in Engineering contacted me with a similar query last week - it was for a different reason though as they had a potential assessment irregularity that required investigating and they did not want to release the mark for a particular student. I did not have an easy solution for them.

  • Hi all - thanks for the beehive thinking. We also thought of workarounds such as creating a new GradeCentre column and putting marks there; then you can show feedback only to students un-hiding the GradeCentre coumn for the Turnitin assignment on the post-date (eg even if anonymous marking), and then un-hiding the other GC column on another, later date. BUT we do not recommend such workarounds in high-stake cases such as this, too prone to potential errors and subject to the whims of GC/Tii changes. It would indeed be good if this function was considered within Turnitin. 

    Plus also the function of feedback dialogue - ie a comment or response box for students to respond to their feedback. (And option for grader/lecturer to respond etc.)

    • Tunde Varga-Atkins How would you do that if it's anonymous? In Blackboard Direct 2.5, the only clue you get to the author of the paper pre-post date is the paper ID. There's no link to the Blackboard Grade Centre (and that one about sending the marks directly to the grade centre is grey out the minute you click Anonymous. The only option I could see would be 
      a: Do a screenshot  / dump of the list of all papers. 
      b: Once Marked, (double checking the paper ID - given that using the left /right arrows at the top seems to give you the next paper in a different order to the drop down list at the top) - put the mark on the screenshot. 
      c: Only on post date, can you move those marks on the screen grab to the relevant column in the grade centre - as by then you know who's who (or add them to the TII page, and use force refresh)'

      Would there be another work round if you had BB basic / a different integration?

    • Emma Duke-Williams Hi Emma - I agree and thanks for thinking it completely through. I missed out the anonymous marking!

      I was thinking along the lines of your C) option. BUT - it is very fiddly, lots of extra work and prone to errors, which is why we wouldn't recommend it to staff. 

      Would be better for Tii to come up with an integrated solution. A bit like with the online tests in Blackboard - you can set two dates and then manually select the info you want to reveal to students (feedback, grades, correct answers etc.) on either date.

      I guess another tricky bit is that if you have a quantitative rubric then seeing that is almost like you would see the grade for the assignment.

      For me, it's about the feedback dialogue - that somehow you would want students to respond to the feedback and keeping it 'together' with the tutor's feedback as a dialogue. 

      Thank you,


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  • Hello, 

    I agree with both the key requirements above i.e. separate grades and feedback, and have the ability for students to respond to feedback.

    It's not really a workaround as such but I'm aware of some tutors including the grade within the feedback comments rather than adding a grade within Turnitin, in order to encourage students to view their feedback. Again, it's fiddly and not very elegant; something more streamlined would be a lot better.



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