Attention D2L users!

The team working D2L (Brightspace) is thrilled to announce a series of improvements to the Brightspace Assignments tool:

  • Instructors can now enable GradeMark without Originality Check in Brightspace (for those that want to only use the annotations/commenting and grading in GradeMark and do not want to see Similarity Scores/Similarity Report) 
  • All dates are now managed in Brightspace - removing the need for instructors to manage dates in Brightspace AND Turnitin 
  • Automatically transfer Grades and Feedback to Brightspace as draft (optional enablement) 
  • UI changes that give instructors a clear understanding of where they are in the grading process within the Brightspace Assignment Summary page, with visual icons indicating if a grade has been provided (or not) or if feedback has been provided (or not).
  • Students will have a visual indication if feedback has been left in GradeMark (not just an indication if a grade has been provided) – this is an exciting update for instructors who use assignments for Formative Assessments (where grades are not required)  
  • More streamlined options for the course copy process
  • Group Projects work! 

Read all about it here!

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