Grading forms and Rubrics needs a folder structure, an archive or hide function.

Grading forms need a Folder structure, an archive or hide function to store old ones. I have 150 which is becoming unmanageable. Turnitin you do not seem to be listening ?

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  • Agreed - on all parts.  I have nearly 75 rubrics from 4 preps (2 of which I no longer teach) and countless versions that have been tweaked as the assessment evolves.  

    I commented at the beginning of every school year for the last five years, but Turnitin doesn't seem to be listening.  

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  • Fully agree, I have also commented on this in various places & it's the one thing that's the most asked for. I can see that deleting old (used) ones won't work, as the students will still need them. But, the ability to archive/hide as you can with quick marks would be very, very useful

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    • Emma Duke-Williams 

      I agree, to some extent, about not deleting old/used ones.  But I've been using the program for so many years that seniors I taught 5 years ago don't even have an account any more (it was provided through their school email) so there's no way they could even look back at those rubrics now.  I think it really should be left up to the teachers about deciding if/when we can delete them.  We'd best know if they were useful to the students any longer.  

      And - I've had student's show me their dashboard before ... their classes don't 'expire' and move to another tab like they do for us (teachers).  So most of the time I have students who 'drop' the class at the end of a term/year because they don't want a dozen classes just for one course (3 terms a year, four years- and we have departments other than English who use the site as well) sitting on their home screen for them to sort through to figure out where they are submitting their current assignment.  

      So when they drop a class, they lose access to their submissions or rubrics anyway.  

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  • The Rubrics function has some of the greatest potential, and yet they don't seem to be developing it at all. The setup is counter-intuitive and not nearly as useful as it could be. It was clearly made by programmers, not teachers!

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