Indentation Removed from Submitted Drafts

I just thought my students were so used to emailing, they were forgetting to indent new paragraphs.  However, when I joked to a class about them not indenting paragraphs anymore, several of them indicated that their Microsoft document is correctly indented, but then the document that appears in Turnitin post-submission removes indents.  My typical advice to students has always been to download their documents as PDFs and then submit those, but I'm sure plenty of them are also just submitting their Microsoft Word documents. Is there a bulletproof set of instructions I can give my students to guarantee this won't happen to them if they submit work a certain way?  I never had this issue until this year, so I'm at a loss for why submitting a document alters it, partly because I haven't had a chance to try submitting work samples in a variety of ways to see what works and what doesn't.

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  • Zach Brown Please email our Support team at and raise this issue with them directly. Hopefully they will be able to offer a solution.

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