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I have been using's new AI detection score since it came out. I have seen several assignments get 100% on the AI score. 

One student emailed me saying that they used Grammarly to help edit their writing. I see (from this thread: that I am not the only teacher dealing with this issue.

I did ask the student if they could email me their composition in its pre-grammarly stage, and they said that they don't have a copy, that they simply composed it while on the grammarly site (at least that is my understanding of their response). 

So I am wondering: how much work does grammarly have to do, to get 100% score? I think I might just upload some samples to see, before and then after letting grammarly make suggestions. But I'm wondering if anyone here has had experience seeing how much work grammarly did on a composition, to get that 100% score.

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  • Hmmm well I just uploaded 2 short documents of notes that I had composed. One got 0% on both Similarity and AI; the other got 13% similarity and 0% AI. I then pasted both files into Grammarly, and automatically accepted (well, by clicking on each one) all their grammar suggestions. I then uploaded the edited files onto As I thought, both of the edited files got 99% on the similarity score (they were essentially copies of the files that I had uploaded previously), but they both got 0% AI score on The shorter file, of 625 words, had something around 35 suggestions, all of which I incorporated (OK, a few foreign terms that grammarly wanted to turn into English words were not accepted, but that was it). The longer file was of 4509 words, and I accepted all 93 suggestions.


    So my conclusion based on this very short experiment, with a sample size of two short documents, is that you have to work very hard to get Grammarly to make so many corrections to your document, that says your AI score is 100%.

    One other thing--I see that Grammarly is offering its own AI generating tool. I am not sure how to get it to turn your own text into edited text. But the fact that someone says they just went to grammarly doesn't mean (to me) that AI wasn't used at all.

    If anyone else has anything to comment, feel free. My own experience here doesn't necessarily mean that the student I referenced in the OP was lying to me, or using AI to compose their assignment. 

  • Paul Rittman We are conducting extensive testing on our tool and Grammarly and will be able to update you once this is complete. In the meantime if you have specific papers you would like us to investigate in more detail (such as the ones you reference above) please message me directly with the paper IDs.

  • I've tested three different theories with this - and the only one that came back 100% AI generated was when I copied from an AI generator and pasted into Grammarly. Made the suggested edits or whatever, downloaded it, and then uploaded it to canvas. Came back 100%. I started from scratch in Grammarly, accepted suggestions/changes, then turned it in - no AI detection. Same for when I copied a document from word and pasted it in Grammarly, made changes, etc., and turned it in--no AI detection. This makes me believe any student who says they just used Grammarly to write their essay (and it came back as 100% AI generated) is lying. 

  • I have determined that if you type in to Chat GPT the following: Did you write this: and then paste the section that is flagged up as AI generated- It will own up to its writing. 

  • When we are given an assignment question, we search for it from google and after finding it, write us a website that can correct us so that the answer does not look like a copy paste
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