Please automatically exclude References page as part of your features - teachers do not have time to adjust this per assignment

It seems that TurnItIn requires that the teacher adjust every new assignment for the "+Optional Settings" where some important Advanced TurnItIn Settings are to remove the References page (as an example) from being tagged. Why can't this be done at a course-wide level or institutional level? It should be done by default. It's weird that title pages are tagged since they are so obvious. The important content is the paper itself. Is there going to be an update to TurnItIn so that these components are automatically turned off? I know many fellow instructors who do not have time these days to comb through every assignment and: 1) turn off the references page from being scanned, especially since they are adjunct faculty at schools that are using TurnItIn and create courses and assignments for them with limited understanding of TurnItIn. 2) See the score and read through the paper but do not frequently have the time to link the references on the side with the references page.


Please do us a favor and enable some common sense features by default! Thank you.

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  • Hi Brian! Thanks for flagging this. On the assignment level, this type of exclusion should be working, e.g. when setting up assignments in Canvas, instructors can choose to skip 'bibliography content' from search results. But as for the course level, you're right, this doesn't seem to be the user experience one expects to get. I've passed on your request to our Turnitin Similarity's Product Manager, I do hope this will be reviewed and improved in the near future. 🙏

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  • I would love for the school to do this. But they don't bother. This leaves students with many instructors staring at only the percentage. I see it all over. What prevents TurnItIn from making it a default setting to have it on? It would be wonderful!

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