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If you haven't heard yet already, Blackboard LTI customers who are using Blackboard version 3700.9.0 and above are now able to use LTI 1.3 for Turnitin integrations. This version addresses many of the known issues that were raised with the Blackboard LTI 1.1 integration. Adding support for LTI Advantage will improve usability of the Blackboard LTI integration while also enabling a more secure transfer of student data between Blackboard and Turnitin.

Blackboard customers using Turnitin will not will not be forced to migrate to LTI 1.3 anytime soon, with the caveat that LTI 1.3 with Advantage is the only integration that supports the new Ultra experience and Ultra Course view.  Check out the administrator guidance to see what's new as well as the list of resolved issues:

Release notes can be found here: https://help.turnitin.com/release-notes/lti-release-notes.htm#2019-October-2nd

Feel free to post to this forum in the Turnitin Education Network if you have any other questions or discussion on the matter.

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  • Not quite sure if it fits here - as this is possibly a future enhancement request: 

    1: How do we set up (at admin level) the LTI to offer the instructor the option to use the institutional repository, as we can with Direct 2.5

    2: Is there a way to set the default gap between start & due date. In our set up, Direct 2.5 offers 1 month, the LTI 1 day. 

    The ideal (as I see it) 

    • The start date is prepopulated as 'now'
    • The setter up puts in a due date.
      • The system adds a default post date (the gap between due & post being definable centrally for a particlar institution. Can be over ridden for particular cases. 

    3: Defaults generally - (both LTI & Direct 2.5) 

    Is it possible to set some things centrally (ideally, I'd like to be able to set the default for the following institution wide. (All to be alterable by the setter up if needed) 

    • Overall grade (we use a 23 point scale) 
    • Anonymous marking. 
    • Report generation speed. 
    • Student ability to see the similarity report. 
    • Use of grade mark. 
    • Use of BB's grade centre. 
    • Filters for the similarity report

    I know that some of these can be set if you're a Blackboard admin & setting up a Direct 2.5 assessment - but they don't always seems seem to stick & it's hard to tell which do. I also know that not all of these options exists from within the LTI. 

    THanks for your help

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      • Catia Lund
      • Customer support specialist
      • Catia_Lund
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Emma Duke-Williams Thank you for following up with the support team. I have escalated your questions to our developers. I will continue to liaise with you as we progress your case.

      • Catia Lund
      • Customer support specialist
      • Catia_Lund
      • 2 yrs ago
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      • Reported - view

      Emma Duke-Williams I would like to follow up with you regarding your query saving assignment settings at account level. Today we have released the ability for instructors to save the default assignment settings at the user level. More to come about your original query. Check our latest release notes - https://help.turnitin.com/release-notes/blackboard/blackboard-13-lti-release-notes.htm#2019-december-5th

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  • Hello

    Have you got any further with any of the other queries I raised, in particular the ability to select the Institutional repository when setting up an assignment. I can only see the option of the main one or none. As we're paying for an institutional repository, it would be useful to have access to it ... 

      • Catia Lund
      • Customer support specialist
      • Catia_Lund
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Hi Emma , thank you for following up with us.

      Your feedback has been put forward to our product management and development team for further consideration.

      The Turnitin product is an ongoing effort of refinement and development. Although not all requests can be implemented, we believe in listening to what our users request. We do not have an ETA for the feature request.

      In the meantime, we were able to implement the option "saving settings for future assignments" at the instructor level. 

      Remember that you can signup to receive our release notes via RSS. 

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