Transition from Blackboard Direct 2.5 to LTI


Currently we are using Blackboard Direct 2.5 building block.  I would like to know:


1. Do I need to disable Blackboard Direct 2.5 and then turn on the LTI integration?

2. Any impact to the instructor during the transition?  

3. What happen to the Turnitin assignment that created before and after migrate to LTI?

4. Is the Group Turnitin assignment features only available in Blackboard if we are using LTI integration?

Anyone has successfully migrated to LTI?  Can share your experience and what are the precaution plan that we need to know.

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    • Gill Rowell
    • Advocacy & Thought Leadership Specialist, Turnitin
    • Gill_Rowell
    • 1 yr ago
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    Cynthia I think the best idea would be to contact our Support team directly as they would be best placed to answer your questions. You can contact them by emailing

    I hope they can help you to find a solution.

  • Hi Cynthia

    Just to let you know what we did - we'd started out by running both in parallel, as we had Original & Ultra courses, so Direct for Original & LTI for Ultra (staff were used to it & at that time, there were a few differences between Direct & LTI)
    We needed the direct for staff/students to access older courses' inbox (we keep courses live until students graduate, so need access to older inboxes occasionally, esp. for students) 
    The functionality is differnet (e.g. if you have BB groups - such as for different tutors, then you can use the filter by group, even if students are anonymous (in Direct, you can only filter by group if you have them non-anonymous). 
    However, TII for similarity checking when it's a group assignment, (i.e. 4 students, 1 report, 1 mark) - then as far as I know, we can't do that yet in LTI - it's still "coming" - unless there's been an update in the last couple of weeks that I missed. 
    Making the grade s vislbe to students following the post date is a bit quirky. 
    On the post date, they're visible to staff/students via the TII inbox; and they're in the grade centre, but unposted. An instructor has to do the final post to the grade centre (which triggers the activity centre to let students know the grades are ready. 
    Just as with Direct, it's not possible for staff to see names/ grades (if you'd started out anonymously) privately, prior to releasing the grades to the students. 

      • Cynthia
      • Cynthia
      • 1 yr ago
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      Emma Duke-Williams 

      Hi, thanks Emma for sharing your experience.  Wondering how do you know which course is using Direct or LTI?  Is it depend on which Turnitin account we configured the LTI?

      I believe we have to do the same by running both in parallel but we are not sure is it transparent to the instructor?  Would you mind sharing any preparation that the instructor or administrator needs to do?

    • Cynthia In our case, it was fairly easy to know, as Direct was in an original course & the LTI in Ultra courses. As far as I know, no-one used the "wrong" one. (You can't in Ultra anyway!) 

      The main prep we did was when setting up the LTI, putting labels on it - Turnitin FOR ULTRA COURSES ONLY (or something similar). Original course users saw both, but Ultra users only saw that one.

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