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We have a few lectures receiving notifications from turnitn where other universities are requesting student papers due to possible suspected plagiarism. Is there anyway these notifications can be disabled where the lecturer no longer teaches on the module.


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  • Hi Naila,

    There are two options for these requests - they are sent either to the instructor that the original paper was submitted to, or a central email address designated by your Turnitin account administrator. 

    You'll need to reach out to your account administrator as they are the only person with access to make this change.

    You can share this url with them for detailed instructions:

  • Hi Michael,

    Many thanks for the response. Do academics require an instructor account with turnitin in order to action?  We set up submission links where students upload their assessments via blackboard and academics have access to the module.


  • Hi Naila,
    No, the instructions linked above are for your account administrator to action. 

    Once the Admin has changed the option from "Email requests directly to instructor" to "Designate an email address for all requests" then the setting will automatically be applied to all academics/instructors for your institution's account and they will no longer receive the external requests.


    • We've set our up like that, Naila - it makes things much easier (e.g. we can ensure that the central contact monitors the types of reqeust coming in, makes a request for further information if necessary [e.g. are the similar bits actually generic information / standard texts etc., that both students copied from; have they already removed our student paper as a source to see if there was an underlying shared link, can ensure that the reply is anonymised from the point of view of the student, etc]

      And, as you note, saves the request disappearing into the ether if the instructor(s) have left. 

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