How do you build a culture of Academic Integrity?

WGU is a nonprofit university, and we cater to a diverse student body that has been under served.  At the beginning of the program,  students are supported during Orientation as they are provided a monthly webinar, they are required to complete a module on Academic Authenticity & Integrity.  All students are invited to review Tii reports before submitting for evaluation, and in Orientation they learn how to do this.  There is support for students at the Writing Center, and if they do have an authenticity concern an Originality Support Specialist will contact them.  The Support Specialist works with the  student to understand the Tii reports, and gives them resources to submit papers using their own voice.  The process we have in place helps students to learn and move forward if they make mistakes.  Additionally, we have Academic Integrity Awards that recognize students, faculty and staff.

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  • This is a great question! At Millikin University, we are trying to start this conversation with our students as soon as they set foot on campus. For students who take part in a summer start-up-to-college type of course, we have a session on Academic Integrity where they learn about citation and get a chance to use Turnitin. All of our incoming freshmen and transfer students are also involved in a discussion about Academic Integrity and Identity just prior to the start of their first semester of classes, so they are aware of any differences in how we might approach these topics at the university level compared to their previous experiences. We also have a Writing Center that students are strongly encouraged to use - I think one of the tricks is getting them to find the time to go there with enough time to really integrate feedback into any revision.

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  • Jennifer wonderful what you are doing at Millikin by taking a proactive approach with the start-up-to-college type of course.  Definitely getting them to make appointments at the Writing Center is a great way to support students in using their own individual work.  It is great to collaborate on this idea of building a culture of integrity.  

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  • Hi Christine, I'd love to hear more about the awards. What are the criteria for these? I'm also interested to learn, from all forum members really about the roles and responsibilities of staff, sorry, faculty at your institutions in promoting Academic Integrity? For instance, do you have a dedicated person to implement and support this?

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      Gill Rowell Great questions!  The Academic Integrity Awards are fairly new as we have issued two so far.  We included the Evaluation Department of 1200 people to vote on a quote that we engrave on any compass we award.  Having the entire department vote helped to raise integrity awareness.

      As far as the criteria to choose the winner, we have a form for faculty and staff to nominate potential awardees.  The faculty or staff member submits a paragraph about the candidate, and the decision is made by the Academic Authenticity Leadership Team.  We look for individuals promoting a culture of integrity.  One person being considered is a student who relayed some of the Academic Authenticity policies to others in a social media group.  Additionally, she posted about the importance of adhering to the policies.  The criteria may change as we continue to develop and grow, however I like the freedom we have with it now.  :)

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