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In the similarity check of a document with another document there is a similarity percentage. I think this percentage indicates the similarity percentage of the checked document with the other one. If so, it does not tell us anything about the similarity percentage of the the other document with the checked document. For example 1% of a 200 page document may be similar with a 2 page document while the 100% of the 2 page document may be similar to the 200 page document. If this is the case, then turnitin is not providing us enough feedback about plagiarism.

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  • Recai Erdem It sounds like you may need to exclude this match so you can see matches to other sources. This thread on Interpreting the Similarity Report may be helpful to refer to

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      Gill Rowell Right. Thank you.

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  • From my point of view the similarity percentage is only an indicator of textual coincidence, however the most important thing is to analyze the complete text to identify its structure, content, methodological rigor and contributions that are made.

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  • That's an interesting question, as I'd tend to tell staff to ignore things that are less than 1-2%, as it's usually frequently used phrases etc. 

    If this 2 page doc included in a 200 page doc is done as a single inclusion, then Feedback Studio's ability to show the similarity while you're marking (the older version didn't allow it, you have to have one or the other), then at least the marker would see a large chunk of similar material - and they'd hopefully, as Adrian suggests, follow the links & investigate. 
    If, however, they'd scattered all of the 2 page doc across the 200 pages, you'd not spot it (though it's hard to imagine a scenario in which you'd do that easily ... )

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