Similarity report of work not plagiarized

I have submitted my MS Thesis to university. It has been returned with the remarks that it is 39% plagiarized. While I checked the report, turnitin was showing similarity of the text with the sources already cited and referred properly. Plagiarism is to show some one else work as your own. But when the source of text is already mentioned through citation, how can it be declared as plagiarized? Literature review is largely based upon the existing literature, but turnitin is showing this portion as also plagiarized despite the citations. Please work on artificial intelligence of the software while teaching it not to target the cited text. Please also resolve my thesis report issue.

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  • Salihaz Fatimaz Turnitin does not indicate if a piece of work is plagiarised, this is a judgment that is made by a teacher or researcher. Turnitin simply shows where matching text has been found, which may or may not be considered as plagiarism. Turnitin does not differentiate between properly referenced and unacknowledged text, hence why the text you have cited is shown in the report.

    I hope this helps with your interpretation of the Turnitin report. Please seek additional guidance from your supervisor, if needed.

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  • As stated the Similarity is report is just that, similarity it does not mean it was plagiarized.  You are given the chance to rephrase the work, citation does not actually mean copying the source word by word unless you copied it verbatim see example below:

    "actual pararenthesis like this (Dublin, 2020)"

    I hope this helps you to understand that your university values originality more, this may not be what you wanted to hear but I hope it helps you out.

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      Aljoriz M. Dublin and Gill Rowell academic judgement is core to using Turnitin. marking 'essay and narrative' style papers has and will require the academic to use their judgement. What Turnitin provides is an efficient means to know when something could be a problem.  It may not find all potential problems nor will everything it highlights be a problem, but it sure beats having to work on suspicion and put it through google to check. It also is an educative process because you can show the students why and how it is a problem.

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