Using Peermark with academic English students

I'm working on an action research project on the use of Turnitin's peermark with academic English students. So far I've had some success designing and deploying peermark assignments to students' assignments and the students have given me generally positive feedback as to its value as an instructional tool.


I have, however, had some issues with the user interface which forum members might be able help me with. One issue that has come up has been the inability to export peermark questions/libraries so that i can share them with colleagues. Short of copy pasting them into a document (which removes the questions types/ranges etc...) there doesn't seem to be a way around this. Another issue is the assignment settings don't allow for late submissions for peermark assignments which means students who haven't reviewed an assignment may receive feedback while those that have, may not. A late submission option could alleviate this. 


In any case, I'll continue to explore the use of this Turnitin feature as I do see value in its ability to promote learner autonomy in the process writing approach. 

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  • Finlay McCall I'm always heartened to hear about innovative use of Peermark, thanks for sharing and I'd love to hear more. A Turnitin user from Turkey Salim Razı has done some great work in this area. 

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  • Hello,

    I have had the same problems and would like to hear what solutions there are, if any.

      • Gill Rowell
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      Cigdem Mekik Unfortunately there are some limitations to our Peermark tool. If you have specific questions regarding functionality please contact our Support team by emailing

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