[RESOLVED January 2019] Known Issues with the Canvas Plagiarism Framework

Dear Canvas Users,

We're happy to report that the issues you may have been experiencing with your Turnitin integration have been resolved. We're tremendously sorry for any disruption these issues caused last term, and appreciate your patience as we worked through them with Canvas. 

Here are the problems that we understand you may have experienced and what we did to fix them:

Intermittent issues with submissions and resubmissions:

[RESOLVED - Failed Submissions] We’ve now pushed a number of fixes that were causing submissions to fail and expect file uploads, cloud submissions, and text input submissions to process more reliably. You can request Canvas to re-push certain assignments/submissions to Turnitin.

To ensure all previously failed submissions are pushed from Canvas to Turnitin, you can request that Canvas to re-push those assignments/submissions through the Canvas support workflow.

We have also added additional error logging and alerting for the Canvas Plagiarism Framework application that allows us to quickly spot common and frequent errors and investigate.

If you experience Turnitin reports either failing to process or getting stuck in pending in the future, please contact Turnitin Support and provide the team with the submission URL. You can find this by launching the failed submission in SpeedGrader, copy the URL and include that in your support ticket. This will allow the Turnitin Support team to investigate quicker.

[RESOLVED - Resubmissions] Turnitin released fixes to address the below use cases for resubmissions:

  • Using ‘Resubmit to Turnitin’ when a paper has already been graded in SpeedGrader

  • Using ‘Resubmit to Turnitin’ for group submissions 

If your issue with the “Resubmit to Turnitin” workflow is not related to one of these use cases, please contact Turnitin Support and submit a ticket.

  • What was happening: Some student submissions are failing to go through Turnitin, and, in some cases, the ability for instructors to resubmit is not available or buggy.

  • What we did: Turnitin and Canvas are in conversation to identify the causes of these issues and collaborate on a fix. We’ve identified that instructor resubmissions are not supported on group assignments or for assignments that have been graded using SpeedGrader.

  • What you can do: If you’re experiencing issues with student submissions failing or you’re experiencing issues with resubmitting an assignment that isn’t a group assignment and hasn’t been graded in SpeedGrader, contact Turnitin Support.

Intermittent issues with copied courses and duplicate users:

[RESOLVED - Course Copy] Course copy is now working as expected. You can find guidance on the various supported course copy/import methods on guides.turnitin.com.  

If you continue to experience issues with course copy please provide detailed information to the Turnitin Support team. We ideally need information about affected courses. You can use the template below to provide the information:


Tii Account ID:

Canvas Course Name:

Canvas Course URL: https://turnitinexample.instructure.com/courses/22659

Canvas Course ID: 22659

Canvas Assignment Name(s): Test Assignment 1, Test Assignment 2

Canvas Assignment ID: 314589

[RESOLVED - Duplicate Users] All duplicate user issues were resolved in October 2018. In turn this also resolved the self-matching issue where duplicated students were matching their own papers and being given a high similarity score/report.

  • What was happening: Courses with start dates more than a year in the past were not copying properly, students were unable to see their reports in some copied courses, institutions using both Canvas LTI and Canvas Plagiarism Framework were seeing duplicate students in their account, and student assignments were matching 100% to themselves.

  • What we did: Good news! Fixes for these issues have been released. Check out the release notes for more details.

  • What you can do: If you experienced any of these issues before the fixes were released, please contact Turnitin Support to retroactively update your courses.

Known issue when multiple Plagiarism Review tools are registered

[RESOLVED - Fix in discussion at Canvas] This issue has been resolved and reports will generate using the Plagiarism Review tool the instructor selected.

  • What was happening: If an institution has multiple Plagiarism Review tools available on their account, Canvas selects the first registered tool, rather than the tool the instructor selected.

  • What we did: The Turnitin team is working with Canvas as they investigate this issue and determine a fix.

  • What can you do: Contact Canvas support from your Canvas course if you’re still experiencing this issue.
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  • Is this fixed yet or is it still an ongoing issue? I just got the email to this link on Tuesday, but Turnitin support contacted me on Monday with a not very helpful response, but it sounded like the issue had been resolved.

    • Jon Fackrell Hi Jon: Almost all of the issues have been resolved, we're just waiting on final testing to be sure and we'll provide an all clear update. Which issue is your institution experiencing? We can investigate a bit further on our end.

  • Are there any plans to tie in with the Canvas anonymity functionality or allow students to gain access to their plagiarism report (if generate reports immediately is selected) for muted assignments?

    • Bethan Reid Hi Bethan: Yes, we're working with Canvas to allow anonymous moderated marking on Turnitin assignments in Canvas. They're planning a release on November 17th that should allow this functionality to go live, we'll let you know as soon as it does! 

      I'll connect with my product team on the muted assignments, as I'm not sure on the plans for those at this time. I'll respond here when I have more info!

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  • Curious the status of these? Will they be fixed shortly? We would like to use this framework oppose to the external tool for the Spring but wanted to know the status of when these issues will be fixed?

    • Lindsay Gunther Hi Lindsay! Turnitin pushed a fix on submissions yesterday that should resolve the issues on our end, we're just waiting to fully test it before updating customers. Canvas is pushing a fix on November 17th that should fix the resubmissions issues. We haven't received a date from Canvas on the fix for "Known issue when multiple Plagiarism Review tools are registered", but we'll keep you posted as soon as we have more concrete info!

    • Erin Parkins Do we have an update? Or should we wait until Nov 17th?

    • Lindsay Gunther Hi Lindsay: The updated information above is the most recent I have. What issues is your institution experiencing? 

  • Erin_Parkins,  can we get a status on the submissions/resubmissions issue? We've notified our faculty but would really like some idea of what's being done.

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    • Ira Strauss Hi Ira: Turnitin pushed a fix on submissions yesterday that should resolve the issues on our end, we're just waiting to fully test it before updating customers. Canvas is pushing a fix on November 17th that should fix the resubmissions issues. We'll keep you posted as soon as we have more concrete info!

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