Turning in Items with CLOUD SUBMISSIONS option on schoology

We are trying to train our students to always use their google drive. However, if they type their essays into their google drives, not all of them are getting the option to use the CLOUD SUBMISSION, which will easily send them to their google drives where they can find the files. 

If they try the UPLOAD SUBMISSION type, it sends them to the iPad documents only which is not something that our students use. It seems to send them partially to their notability drive or icloud documents but not all of our students are configured to use that resources. 

The only other option is to use the TEXT INPUT which means they have to copy and paste and it sometimes loses their formatting which is a major part of what we are trying to assess. 

One in say every 20 students HAS the cloud option which works fine. 

We are an enterprise Schoology set up, the LTI is working fine. Is it a setting that we are missing in the assignments (since so many of them have implications on the other settings)--- like submission type restrictions? or some other set of buttons that have to be clicked to make this work? 

Thanks hive ---- Tried doing a chat but keep getting the handoff back to schoology as the issue and I know that its a series of which things need to be clicked (think Apollo 13 and the reentry scenario). Thanks in advance. 

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