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Good morning,

I use Turnitin for grading speeches and presentations.  I would like to post assignments for individual students immediately after they give the speech or deliver the presentation.  Is there a way I can do this?

Jim Salter

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  • Are you using an LMS? I could see 2 possible options: 
    1: Create as many groups as you have students & then as many TII assignments. LInk and make visible as they do them. 
    But, that would be a lot of hassle for you! 

    2: Create a group of students - with no students in it initially - called "Post Presentation" or similar. Create a single TII assignment & make it visible to just that group of students. Once they've presented, move them into the group. 

    That'd be far less hassle for you - but could cause problems with due dates / post dates if they're presenting over several weeks. 

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