Auto-calculation of Rubrics

Hi, I am looking to find out how institutions use the auto calculation function on the Standard Rubrics.  We are trying to make the marking process consistent and manage staff time effectively by integrating the rubrics.  However we have some resistance from staff due to the restricted nature of the calculation within rubrics.  

Any thoughts/ examples would be appreciated 

Thanks in advance

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  • Thanks for your question Amanda Clarkson Does anyone have any experience or advice they could share on this?

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  • I'd agree that the options are currently limited; most staff that I work with (UK Higher Education) tend to prefer to use the rubrics / grading forms for qualitative feedback only, and then put the final mark into the mark space. 
    However, I was at the annual summit in September, and saw a demonstration of the future marking tool, while many of the enhancements related to the variety of models of 2nd marking, double marking, marking moderation etc., that exist across the HE sector, they also noted that future rubrics would allow for finer grading (e.g. you could say that the content is an 'a' - but then rather than having to decide whether that would get 7,8,9, or 10, it'd be the 7-10 range [again, if you're outside the UK, you might think that 7/10 seems low for an A!])

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