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I like to have students work on sentences from their own essays to improve their sentence craft.  How about a feature that would copy selections from student essays onto another document that I can then share with the students to work on in class, especially as they begin working on their next assignment. 

As is, I have to first read and mark the essays, make notes on a separate sheet of passages I want to collect, then go open each student's file, find the passage again, copy, and paste.    Because of the time investment, I often don't end up doing this, so a teaching opportunity lost.  

I also collect model sentences and good titles.  

If there is some concern about copyright or something, limit the amount that can be selected from any one paper or also ask students for permission at the beginning of the semester; they could agree by checking a box on Turnitin.  

The selections would be anonymous of course.  I don't pick out students either for model good sentences or sentences that need revision. 

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  • Daniel Clark I think this is a great idea for modelling good practice. I wonder if anyone else using the forum has used Turnitin in a similar manner?

    In order to get your suggestion in front of our product development team and properly tagged in the appropriate product category, please send your suggestions or feedback to and be sure to include “FEEDBACK” in the subject line. Our Support team can then take your feedback and help inform product decisions.

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  • There was a long thread on the old UserVoice site, requesting this feature, for both this & also when markers want to include student work in their feedback, and/or to check [long!] URLs. 
    While it *can* be done from the text-only version, it's a pain to switch back & forth. 

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