Blackboard Direct & Groups

We're using Blackboard Direct Integration & it's causing a bit of hassle when we have multiple groups of students (e.g. grouped by tutor). 

If they submit work non-anonymously, it's not a problem; staff can use the filter at the top of the inbox, to find their students. (see attached) 

However, add anonymity and there's a whole extra level of complexity. 

The create assignment page allows for you to select a group. However, if you do that, when a marker looks at the submission box (via Blackboard) it filters the list to show just the students in Group A.  Looking on TII's website, however, I can see that of 100 students, only 12 have submitted (i.e. 12 of those that are in group A). If a student from  Group B submits to that submission point, it doesn't tell them it's not expecting their work, but as the marker sees the filtered view - they can't see the item from Group B. 
I therefore have to use the adaptive release once I've created 1 assignment point / student, to make sure that Group A students submit to the correct place etc. I've given up bothering to use the group setting the Turnitin set up page, as I can't see what that adds to it. 

TLDR? (Too Long, Didn't Read) - can that top filter be applied to an anonymous in box. That would make it *much* easier for those administrative staff who have 17 tutors on a course that marks work anonymously ... 

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