Microsoft TEAMS integration

We are just embarking on a pilot at my college to shift away from Moodle as a VLE and was wondering if anyone knows if or when Turnitin will create a plugin for this?? 

TEAMS seems to have the functionality to facilitate teaching and learning but the assessment side of things has some way to go...thoughts anyone?

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  • Sorry, to be clear, we are starting to use Microsoft TEAMS...

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  • Hi  Simon Kay, thank you for asking this question. Integration with Microsoft is something we're investigating here at Turnitin. Can you tell us more about your decision to migrate to Microsoft TEAMS from Moodle? It would be great to get an understanding of the workflows you're trying to support with this decision.

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      • Simon Kay
      • Simon_Kay
      • 1 yr ago
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      Alyssa Vigil Hi Alyssa - well, there are so many reasons - I was hoping you would be looking at this - I feel it's' the general direction of the sector - migration to either Microsoft or Google. The best solution for us would be if you partnered Microsoft and created a 3rd party application that would sit in the TEAMS application. I would love to have a conversation with you about it so if you email me your number I could discuss in more detail??? 

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    • Simon Kay I'd love to learn more about TEAMs integration. I'll DM you to set up a time. 

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  • Big announcement today vis a vis Teams and Turnitin:

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  • I'm trying to find more information about this. Our school is very interested in using Teams as the primary LMS - moving away from Moodle. Turnitin is the key to this for our organisation.

    I have noticed this:

    And there is a lot of references to "coming soon" but little else. Can anyone at TII confirm progress either here or via PM? We use the Turnitin Tool for Moodle - very keen to move my organisation on to a better solution for the future!

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      • Gill Rowell
      • Education Manager, Turnitin
      • Gill_Rowell
      • 3 wk ago
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      Jason Lane I will message you direct with details.

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