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My name is Miftahur Rahman Lecturer and admin of the STAI campus touritin An-Nawawi Purworejo, I want to permanently delete the article due to the similarity of articles/ delete article repository permanently as many as 94% of student papers in Submitted to Purdue University. the following data submit articles;

Submission date: 02-Aug-2022 11:45PM (UTC-0400)

Submission ID: 1878304632


Word count: 23621

Character count: 150033

Submission date: 08-Aug-2022 02:36AM (UTC-0400)

Submission ID: 1880164864

File name: Tesis_Nilatus_Salamah_Bab_I-V.docx (177.21K)

Word count: 21354

Character count: 136271

Submission date: 01-Aug-2022 01:29AM (UTC-0400)

Submission ID: 1877573745

File name: Nilatus_Salamah_19203010076_NEW.docx (241.23K)

Word count: 23745

Character count: 149985

Submission date: 09-Aug-2022 01:43AM (UTC-0400)

Submission ID: 1880556226

File name: REVISI_1-5_NEWWWWW.docx (291.93K)

Word count: 21018

Character count: 133012

Submission date: 30-Jul-2022 01:26PM (UTC+0700)

Submission ID: 1876822487

File name: Nilatus_Salamah_19203010076_NEW.docx (241.23K)

Word count: 23745

Character count: 149985


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  • Miftahur Rahman As Administrator of this account, you are now able to make paper deletions yourself. Full details of how to do this can be found here.

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