Blackboard Basic B2 to LTI 1.3 - Licensing nightmare

We've moved to Blackboard Learn SaaS and took the opportunity to migrate from the Turnitin Basic building block to using the LTI 1.3 integration.

All went well and the new integration is working well.  However we have a licensing problem.

Students using the old basic building block are listed with an email of something like

With the new LTI 1.3 integration they are shown with their real email address.  As this is a migration we're running both integrations to allow the students to see their old feedback using the Basic block, while the new assessments are using the new LTI 1.3 integration

As all the students now get two accounts we've blown through our license limit.

Has anyone else done this migration without duplicating the accounts?



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  • Hi Jonathan Knight Apologies for the delay in responding. If you are still having problems with the duplicate accounts please contact your Turnitin Account Manager or email the Support team via

  • Hi Gill


    I'm keeping in contact with our account manager Gavin Dickson and he was asking me to copy him in on any solution that Tier 2 could come up with.

    He's happy that what we're seeing is duplicated accounts within the Turnitin system triggered by the integrations with Blackboard.  He's suggested that if there isn't a practical method of merging the accounts while still retaining both the Basic and LTi 1.3 integrations, he will authorise us to keep the increased student account limit while the migration is completed over the next 3 years.

    Happy to show you the problem on Zoom if that helps clarify the problem.





  • Ah that's good news Jonathan Knight that Gavin and Tier 2 are involved. They will be more help that I can be! In the meantime, maybe fellow Turnitin users have had similar issues when migrating?

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