Leveraging Technology to Aid Effective Assessment

The current pandemic has brought in many challenges on how education is perceived today. The adoption of new technologies has helped educators to connect with their students on multiple levels and using new technologies has helped them in not just saving valuable time but also getting insightful data and providing timely feedback, which help the students in their further learning journey. Let’s hear more from Mr. Ashutosh Tripathi, Executive Director, Krishna Public Schools on how leveraging  technology can be beneficial, particularly for implementing effective assessment practices and using the data to take necessary actions.

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  • The interactive and engaging session really provides a great insight into the paradigm shifts that are happening the world of education, especially the secondary education segment. Wonderful to hear from such a veteran like Mr.Tripathi about how the schools are gearing up to embrace and imbibe the emerging technologies, leading to a smoother process of learning and its outcomes.

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  • Intuitive and helpful to understand the effective assessment perspective. 

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  • Really liked the point made about immediate feedback required post assessment for students. 

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  • In the Sec-Ed / K12 setup, timely actionable feedback not only helps for early remediation to kick in but also provides a window for immediate gratification of the student's efforts. Every student is so willing to hear on the grading, marks, feedback, etc post their attempt on assessments or assignments, but the time to check, grade & assess the bulk physical copies, delays the outcome to be shared with students and also might not have insightful actionable feedback, as its also quite not possible to provide written feedback to every student. It shall thus, be so helpful if teachers could divest some time consumed in grading & checking and invest that saved time in planning remediation activities for students which will then benefit in improving the learning outcomes.

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